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Why hazardous asbestos materials still exist in local buildings right now

Despite Australia banning asbestos importation and manufacture from 1989 onwards once insidious health impacts proved undeniably, I still routinely discover concerning asbestos product remnants dangerously embedded inside ageing Brisbane infrastructure over 30 years later during supposed harmless renovations or demolition works unleashing deadly fibres unaware.

Typical locations asbestos still lurks

It disturbingly lies in places like:

  • Subfloor cladding stuffed amid brick cavity gaps
  • Under bathroom cement sheet eave lining panels
  • Degrading switchboard backing sheets
  • Beneath layers concealing history long forgotten


Essential safety precautions if suspected

We mandate:

  • Seeking professional asbestos inspection advice
  • Avoiding physical disturbance attempts yourself
  • Preventing speculated fibre spread containing indoors
  • Reviewing all building material records retrievable


Initial asbestos early installation drivers

Being heat and chemical corrosion resistant while reinforcing cement durability, asbestos products offered versatile utility first across mass infrastructure rollouts meeting fast growing development demands globally until worrying toxicity levels emerged decades later manifesting asbestosis and mesothelioma health impacts eventually. Asbestos future downsides remained poorly recognized during the height of product popularity beforehand.

Lagging public asbestos risk awareness over time

Despite emerging medical research confirming airborne asbestos fibre inhalation definitively causing aggressive respiratory conditions, as imported products phased out nationally, lingering infrastructure lagged public awareness campaigns needed conveying occupants private properties potentially still contained worrying toxicity levels left undisturbed within structures until accidental discovery decades later during subsequent renovations or demolition works mainly. The risks therefore persisted out of sight out of mind.

Limitations around asbestos locating challenges

As licensed contractors we attempt sampling known asbestos hotspot locations like eave linings however actual material verification struggles arise obscured internals behind subsequent newer layered finishes lagging true facility toxicity snapshots frozen in time long enough now creating nasty shock discoveries later once superficial facades penetrated literally enough justifying the difficult decisioning around full site rebuilds or sophisticated abatement mitigation balancing family budget contingencies hanging balances between either bad or worse trade offs really.

Without national government subsidised schemes someday facilitating voluntary building owner tax incentives rewarding proactive site audits and asbestos material removals protecting communities ongoing, hazardous invisible threats lingering behind neighbourhood infrastructure walls leading illness, death or financial hardship will unfortunately continue haunting the uninformed decades ahead until enough inevitable asbestos encounters make national issue confronting us all seriously someday demanding immediate action and comprehensive policy changes.

Key motivations to remove discovered asbestos

Eliminating materials delivers:

  • Health risk reduction for current and future occupants
  • Mitigation of legacy liabilities before property transactions
  • Adherence to asbestos site management legislative obligations
  • Improved rental demand through enhanced safety credentials


Limitations around achieving asbestos eradications

However projects face potential constraints:

  • Prohibitive specialist removal budget blowouts
  • Difficulties verifying compositional contents conclusively early
  • Challenges managing minute material traces ubiquitously
  • Balancing demolition waste environmental burdens


Referencing applicable asbestos legislative obligations

Depending on contamination classification statuses applying once discerned fully, sites containing over 10 square metres of non friable products require registers maintained under asbestos management codes while licenced professionals needing appointments removing greater frangible risks following strict transport and disposal regulations protecting communities ongoing.

Understanding asbestos health effects from any disturbances

Appreciating microscopic fibre toxicology through qualified GP health partnerships promises best odds mitigating asbestos diseases untreated once lung accommodating scarring connects quiet pasts with louder symptomatic futures heard clearly enough wishing done more somehow sooner before however now ever too late reclaiming directions calmer ahead still maybe hopefully.


Witnessing hazardous asbestos materials unfortunately still discovered lingering inside ageing infrastructure decades after imports ceased flags obligation awakening moments realising dangerous microscopic health threats exist invisibly until accidental discoveries disturb once stable toxicity equilibrium states defenceless communities dwelled environmentally compromised somehow without informed consent about stacked risks time held ENOUGH.

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