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Removing asbestos roofing in Brisbane: What are the steps?

Asbestos cement sheeting was extensively utilised across older Brisbane roofs given durability and affordable cost before deadly health impacts were undeniable. Now degradation necessitates safe removal by accredited specialists but convoluted access means systematic precautions become vital planning projects.

This guide explains key process steps upholding stringent asbestos control standards expected to prevent surrounding contamination when remediating roofing.

Factors complicating projects include:

  • Difficulty achieving complete area encapsulation
  • Harder physical access logistics without scaffolding
  • Additional PPE harnessing requirements working at heights
  • Securing external mobile plant/equipment externally


Key plant and specialist equipment required

We utilise tools like:

  • Scissor lifts or boom cranes providing lifting access
  • Battery powered saws cutting asbestos-cement sheets
  • Specialised asbestos vacuum extraction equipment
  • Custom waste receptacles and certified disposal bins


Initial site access scaffolding erection

After establishing perimeter site controls, scaffolding requires assembly against eaves providing stable personal access pathways distributed across the roof area. Edge platforms also enable fixing temporary cabling conduits supplying power assisting motorised lifting equipment supporting waste extraction logistics excelling safety.

Full encapsulation enclosure erection 

Our teams meticulously enclose entire roofs underneath using interlocking frames supporting dual layered 200um plastic sheeting continuously sealed at every junction while maintaining easy doorway panels facilitating entry/exit movements minimising asbestos contact risks amid long work days ahead. Sealing checklists ensure contingency protection.

Controlled asbestos roofing panel stripping phases 

With full encapsulations secured containment zones ready containing hazards and negative air extractors running drawing any dust inwards, stripping begins gently prising roofing screws loosening boards intact, possibly avoiding fractures releasing particles airborne. We sequence strategic removal patterns revealing sections methodically sealed immediately into labelled waste streams for certified asbestos landfilling.

Site & worker decontamination quality controls 

Before scaffold dismantles concluding projects after external visual site verification checks declare surfaces clean, workers pass through compulsory showering stations that qualify personal hygiene confirming zero residual asbestos traces detectable on skin, equipment or suits scanned after using sensitive monitoring instrumentation. Compliance certificates signal safe community protection.

Additional considerations for heritage listings

Sensitivities around historical register roofs cover aspects such as:

  • Identifying closest profile sheeting replacement alternatives
  • Consulting occupying heritage architects before commencing
  • Discussing any applicable conservation exemptions possibly
  • Documenting detailed photographic condition records pre/post


Standards governing roofing asbestos work practices

Removal respects industry regulations like:

  • Work at Heights Provisions within Workplace Health & Safety Codes
  • Asbestos Transport and Disposal Environmental Guidelines
  • Dust and Site Contamination Reporting mandated
  • Community Right to Know notification standards


Inspecting under home ceilings after clearance testing

We complete supplementary interior property inspections post roof clearance sampling evaluating possible secondary legacy asbestos lagging materials needing removal tucked inside sub floor voids against floor joists once scaffolding access enables safer programmed rectification works fully protecting households comprehensively since initial discovery disturbing prompted first. Peace of mind.

Evaluating solar panel mounting compatibility

If modern solar systems contemplated posterior works, using non-penetrative cladding attachment rails avoids penetrating surprise subsurface asbestos cement sheet remnants possibly revealed where older fastener points leaked debris inside builds previously undetected. Let us survey risks and discuss innovations suitability containments controlled perfectly.

Modelling predictive maintenance requirements

Once asbestos is eliminated, reviewing comparable metal profiled roof lifecycle expectations helps inform sensible maintenance budgeting and future roof replacement forecasts. This allows homeowners to plan resilience improvements proactively rather than simply relying on reactive repairs when unexpected leaks eventually manifest through Queensland’s storms. Taking a preventative maintenance approach, combined with quality durable building materials, helps weatherproof properties for longer terms ahead.


Expertise tackling difficult dangerous asbestos roof removals while protecting communities with certified precision processes performed textbook perfect should provide reassurances meeting situations honestly, compliantly and fearlessly together once first fateful steps entered responsibly. Let’s connect outright about realities managed calmly.

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