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The Complete Asbestos Removal Service

When it comes to asbestos disposal Brisbane residents trust our experienced team to safely and efficiently handle their needs. We pride ourselves on being the leading asbestos removal and disposal specialists committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients. As a fully licensed and accredited company, we combine our extensive experience, cutting-edge techniques, and strict adherence to industry regulations to provide you with comprehensive solutions for asbestos abatement, mitigating the risks associated with this hazardous material. Rest assured, our team of skilled professionals are here to safeguard your health, property, and the environment

Safety is paramount when working with asbestos waste, especially concerning workplace health and asbestos awareness. Our comprehensive services for residential & commercial clients aim to mitigate these risks by ensuring proper asbestos disposal in Brisbane and compliance with local regulations. This commitment extends to following prescribed procedures, including the correct containment, labelling, and transportation of asbestos building material to an approved disposal facility.

Understanding Asbestos Regulations

Asbestos regulations differ among states, and our team stays up-to-date with the latest requirements to ensure full compliance. We work closely with local authorities, obtaining necessary permits and adhering to specific guidelines to dispose of asbestos waste responsibly. In Queensland (QLD), Australia, asbestos regulations are governed by several key pieces of legislation and guidelines, including:

These laws and guidelines work together to ensure the safe management, removal, and disposal of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) to protect public health and the environment. Navigating the complexities of asbestos disposal Brisbane businesses face, we provide expert guidance and efficient service to ensure a safe and regulatory-compliant process.

Our team are well-versed in the stringent requirements set forth by these regulations, such as the necessity to have licensed asbestos removalists handle all Class A (friable) and Class B (non-friable) asbestos work. Once asbestos is removed, we ensure that it the asbestos removed is properly managed and disposed of. In addition, we closely monitor the 10-square-metre rule, which mandates that any non-friable asbestos removal work exceeding this limit must be carried out by a licensed professional.

As part of our commitment to compliance, we also adhere to the strict health and safety measures outlined in the WHSR and the Code of Practice. This includes maintaining an Asbestos Register, developing an Asbestos Management Plan for workplaces, and providing appropriate training to our staff. We take all necessary precautions to minimise the risk of asbestos exposure to workers, building occupants, and the general public.

We also follow the prescribed procedures for asbestos waste disposal, as dictated by the EPA. This involves proper containment, labelling, and transportation of asbestos material to approved disposal facilities. Our team are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility in all aspects of asbestos management in QLD, Australia.


Reliable Disposal Methods Utilised by Our Experts

Dealing with asbestos requires utmost care and caution. Especially in older properties, regular asbestos inspections and management plans are essential for ensuring the safety of occupants and visitors. Our team of skilled professionals employ an array of secure disposal methods to ensure your property is free from bonded asbestos, a hazardous substance. These methods include:

asbestos disposal


Asbestos waste is incinerated at extremely high temperatures, obliterating the harmful fibres. Although highly effective, incineration can be costly due to the specialised equipment needed.

Landfill Asbestos Disposal

We diligently entomb asbestos waste in purposefully designed landfills to prevent harm to people or the environment. In our Landfill Disposal approach, we ensure that all asbestos waste, including common items like floor tiles, is safely secured for disposal. Our team prioritises proper waste removal and disposal in all asbestos projects, utilising asbestos skip bins that comply with local regulations for safe transport to landfill sites.

asbestos removal brisbane
removing asbestos brisbane


In some cases, asbestos can be recycled and used in other products. We will only recycle asbestos if it can be done so safely, adhering to stringent guidelines and regulations.

Asbestos Waste Transporting

We transport asbestos in a manner that is both safe and compliant with the law. This means using properly sealed and labelled containers and ensuring that the materials are handled by approved transporters. Our team receives extensive training in the handling and disposal of asbestos materials, including various asbestos products, ensuring effective management and safe work procedures. We also take care to avoid any contamination of the surrounding area during transportation.

brisbane asbestos disposing
Brisbane asbestos disposal

Cleaning up

Once the asbestos has been removed, our team will clean the area to ensure that there are no residual asbestos fibres. This process can include using HEPA-filtered vacuums and damp wipes to complete the disposal job. Protecting the environment remains our top priority. We diligently take measures to prevent contamination of soil, water, air, and general waste during the asbestos removal process.

Expert Solutions for Safe Disposal in Queensland

Comprehensive Services for Residential & Commercial Clients

We cater to both residential and commercial customers, offering tailored waste removal and disposal services.

Our expertise allows us to manage all aspects of your asbestos waste needs, ensuring proper asbestos disposal in Brisbane and compliance with local regulations.

Preventing Environmental Contamination

Protecting the environment remains our top priority. We diligently take measures to prevent contamination of soil, water, and air during the asbestos removal process.

Our team employs eco-friendly techniques whenever possible, contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Extensive Training & Continued Education

Our team receives extensive training in the handling and disposal of asbestos materials.

We remain committed to staying informed about industry best practices and emerging technologies, ensuring we deliver the safest and most efficient services in asbestos removal and asbestos abatement.

Transparent Documentation & Record Keeping

We uphold transparency and accuracy in maintaining comprehensive records of all asbestos disposal projects, including asbestos disposal in Brisbane.

Documenting the waste’s origin, transportation, and final disposal location is essential for complying with local regulations and providing our clients with peace of mind.

Prioritising Safety in the Workplace

Safety is paramount when working with asbestos waste.

Our team follows strict asbestos safety protocols, utilising personal protective equipment (PPE) such as respirators, gloves, and coveralls to minimise exposure to asbestos fibres.

Additionally, we implement safe work practices, like wetting materials to reduce dust and employing proper containment techniques during asbestos removal.

Empowering Clients with Information & Support

Knowledgeable clients can make informed decisions about how to dispose of asbestos.

We keep our clients informed about the risks of asbestos, the asbestos removal and disposal process, and regulatory compliance.

Our team is always available to address any questions or concerns.

Dedication to Quality Assurance

We are committed to maintaining strict quality control measures, ensuring our asbestos removal and asbestos disposal services meet or exceed industry standards.

Our quality assurance process, which includes regular audits, asbestos inspections in Brisbane, and client feedback, drives continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Emphasising Waste Minimisation

Our team are dedicated to minimising waste and promoting sustainability in all our operations, including asbestos removal in Brisbane.

By implementing efficient work practices and innovative techniques, we reduce the amount of asbestos waste generated.

We also consider recycling asbestos materials when it is safe and feasible, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Customised Solutions to Meet Unique Needs

We recognise that each client’s situation is unique, and we are committed to providing customised solutions to address specific asbestos disposal needs.

Our team will work closely with you to assess your requirements and develop a disposal plan that ensures safety, compliance, and efficiency, whether you need to dispose of asbestos or remove asbestos.

Efficient Project Management

Our team of professionals is skilled in managing and coordinating asbestos removal projects, ensuring that all steps are executed smoothly and on schedule.

From the initial assessment to the final disposal, we maintain clear communication with our clients and work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome.

Investing in Disposing Technologies & Equipment

We invest in the latest technologies and equipment to enhance the safety and efficiency of our asbestos removal and asbestos disposal services, including safe disposal methods.

This enables us to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that minimise the risks associated with asbestos waste handling and disposal.

Customer Satisfaction & Long-term Relationships

Our ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships with our clients.

We achieve this by providing exceptional asbestos removal and asbestos disposal services, including asbestos disposal in Brisbane, maintaining open communication, and continuously seeking ways to improve and adapt to our clients’ changing needs.

Protecting People & the Brisbane Environment With Our Expertise

Our commitment to environmental protection is at the forefront of our asbestos disposal Brisbane services, where we employ the most advanced methods for handling and disposing of asbestos waste. We understand the significant health risks associated with asbestos exposure. Asbestos waste disposal is a critical task that requires expertise, strict adherence to regulations, and a commitment to safety. Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality asbestos disposal solutions that protect both people and the environment.

From incineration to landfill disposal, we use a variety of methods to ensure the proper handling and disposal of asbestos waste. Our comprehensive services cater to both residential and commercial clients, ensuring that all your asbestos waste needs are addressed efficiently and responsibly. With a focus on training, safety, and ongoing improvement, our team is well-equipped to manage all aspects of asbestos disposal, providing our clients with the highest level of service and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you discover or suspect materials in your home or workplace may contain asbestos, it is important to take proper precautions. Here are the recommended steps:

  1. Stop disturbing the material immediately to avoid releasing asbestos fibres into the air. Mark the area as a potential hazard zone.
  2. Seal off and contain the area if possible. Use plastic sheeting and duct tape as barriers.
  3. Contact an accredited asbestos removal professional to take samples for testing and analyse their condition and risk level.
  4. If tests confirm asbestos, follow the remediation plan recommended by the asbestos expert. At minimum, label it as an asbestos hazard. Consider professional abatement.
  5. Notify those using the space – whether it’s residents or employees/management – about the presence of asbestos once confirmed and make sure they avoid the contaminated area.
  6. Register the asbestos locations identified at your property on relevant asbestos tracking databases following local requirements.
  7. For concerning exposure or health symptoms, speak to a doctor about medical tests, lung exams and hazard precautions going forward.

Asbestos only poses health risks when fibres are inhaled, so containing potential sources is crucial along with consulting asbestos management specialists regarding next best steps.

Australia has strict standards and regulations when it comes to asbestos due to the significant health hazards it poses. Some key asbestos standards in Australia include:

  • Ban on all forms of asbestos with only some exemptions allowed for legacy building materials still in situ under risk management plans. Complete prohibition is scheduled by December 31, 2023 maximum.
  • Exposure standard of 0.1 asbestos fibres per millilitre of air in workplace environments. This sets a safe exposure limit.
  • Specific regulations stating that materials containing more than 0.001% asbestos are legally considered to be asbestos-containing.
  • Training and licensing requirements for those engaged in identifying, removing, transporting or disposing of asbestos materials.
  • Tracking and documentation rules regarding locating asbestos materials in workplaces through asbestos registers and signs.
  • Set procedures mandated for safely handling asbestos during renovations, repairs, maintenance or demolition work. Protective equipment and disposal rules apply.

Overall, Australia’s goal is to eliminate asbestos-related risks, including strict precautions for any remaining legacy uses. Anyone dealing with suspected asbestos must adhere to state and federal regulatory obligations.

Asbestosis used to be relatively common in Australia among workers regularly exposed to asbestos, especially those working in asbestos mining and manufacturing industries prior to the 1980s. However, since the banning of asbestos and improvements in workplace safety relating to asbestos, the rate of new asbestosis cases has declined dramatically. These days, asbestosis in Australia is mostly diagnosed among older people who were exposed many years ago before safety measures were improved. Currently, there are estimated to be several thousand Australians living with asbestosis that developed it from exposures decades ago. However the rates of new diagnoses per year have fallen to just a couple hundred across Australia as asbestos exposures have been reduced. So while still present, especially among older populations exposed many years back, advancements in safety mean asbestosis is now much less common in Australia compared to several decades ago.

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